Tinder – Looking for true love – Or not?

I am struck by the blog post of AUXVISIT about Tinder and I thought it’s so interesting that I had to paint my own picture.

After the first “swipe” round there was a 10hr qeue – resulting in 55 matches with different men.
54 men were asked the same questions by me:

Why are you on Tinder?
What do you hope to find here?
Would you meet with a woman from here for sex?

The quickest answer I got was from a lanky, tall 28yr old man: “I’m submissive and would like a dominant lady to live my fantasies with me. Not a one-time thing and no sex. I’m a licking Slave who isn’t allowed to have sex.”

Dear Lickslave, I understand you. With special preferences it is certainly not easy to make new contacts on the market and I understand too, that you don’t want to talk around the bush for long in this case. But I have to be honest, I think you would be more successful on apps which are fitted to your needs and not just scaring women away who are taking their first steps on Tinder. Unless you would like yourself to be dominated with cleaning my apartment?

A sun kissed gentleman, in a dressy looking suit, replied straightaway with “If you send me pictures first.” He simply overlooked the 2 questions I asked before and jumped directly to the conclusion that I would meet with him for a Tête-à-Tête. Sorry buddy, today is NOT your lucky day.

The athletic young handball match, handled it better.

He wanted to treat me to a coffee first.

Mr. “1,80m (5,9ft) , crazy, spontaneous, humorous” was my first hope for the single ladies looking for a serious date. “I’m not just here for that. I am looking for someone with whom there might be a possibility of a future together” I suppose he wouldn’t deny it completely even though he’s not here for just that, but at least the theoretical part was set for him. I don’t want to know what it actually looks like.

Tinder - Dating - App - Dating App - Dating - Love - Fall in Love

After a lot unmistakable “YES I would meet up for sex” , who might have these fantasies and thoughts about me now (I’m so happy when Tinder is finally deleted off my phone) . I tripped over Benedikt. 28 years and new in Mannheim. He looks handsome, is 1,90m tall, on his pictures he’s posing with friends, in a suit and even more friends.

He thinks meeting only for sex is totally dumb, but he could see it differently if there’s a date leading to something more before. Benedikt was already looking through Tinder for several times but was “dry” too from time to time. We texted back and forth and at the end he asked me not to demonize this app wholeheartedly. He wrote “If you are new to a city then it is great to meet open-minded people and a few dates actually grew into real friendships.” But Benedikt also sees the problems of this app and says this about it: “You can’t really get to know someone if the person is texting a few people parallel. True to the motto: You can only love what you know.”

My résumé about Tinder:
Tinder is definitely interesting to get to know new people. But you should be careful with your private data and talk about where both of you want this contact to lead to from the start. Don’t share your phone number without thinking and take your time. Except you are more interested in something quick too. Tell your family or friends about first dates. Agree about a time when you will give them feedback if everything is okay. Meet at a public and safe place where you can get a first impression and don’t disappear in someone’s apartment without telling a trustworthy person the contact information of your date.
I will finally delete Tinder now, because I’m unable to cope with this system of dating or getting to know.

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