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„We can still be friends“

Hearing this phrase shortly after a break-up, breakfast comes right back up. But what if you overcome the pain and are finally able to look full of hope into the future again. Is there any space for the ex-partner?

After 7 years of relationship, I’m still in contact with my ex on a regular base. The reason for that is simple: Our daughter.

He’s the only one of my exes im still talking to and with him there were a lot of difficult situations as well, in which I’d liked nothing more than cutting him out of my life.

In Germany, only the minority stands in contact with the ex and i personally only know a few who continue to have friendly contact.It’s infamous, simple as that. 

Your friends give you the weird glances, risible sayings from your best friend and what a new partner might think of this , that i dont really have to explain in more detail.

The results of past studies, including one of Lindsay Rodriguez, show that Women and Men ,who are in a new serious relationship, did not continue to have contact with their ex-partner. But when the contact exsistet, probands quote that they’re not satisfied in their current relationship.

According to a survey from Welling and Mogilski, which achieved awareness with the article „Only psychopaths stay friends with their ex“,there are only 6 reasons that lead to a friendship with the ex: 

– sentimentality 

– romantic aspiration 

– betray one’s values for money or gifts 

– sex 

– same circle of friends 

– children 

But there is one more reason to stay frieds with the ex, the only one that is silently tolerated by our society: When a long time friendship turns into a relationship and both sides realize that it just doesn’t work out


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